Mstly Theme

This is Mstly, based on the theme from Mostly Single.

Fun features:

  • Optional Spinning Logo (WebKit Browsers Only)
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Flash-free Photosets
  • Fun Web Fonts from the Google Font Directory

Options & Tid-Bits:

  • Customize the background, link and body text colors. Customize the header image (maximum header width and height is 300 pixels). Customize the font size (in px, em, or %).
  • There are two colors, Secondary Two and Secondary Three, which set not only the colors for quotes, but also for chat labels.
  • The sidebar stays fixed.
  • Option to show post author (helpful in group blogs) and show tags.
  • Option to Album Art on audio posts (when the audio files support it).
  • The Blog Description ends up in the sidebar, right below the logo.
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Åtlas - Dance All Night (And All Day)
Dance All Night (And All Day) - Åtlas from Forever Dancer
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